Why Balingsta?

2,500 years ago Inge and Jogard raised a runestone in the small hamlet of Balingsta in Uppsala county. Depicted and immortalized on the stone was the first known Nordic skier. We do not know for sure who that skier was, but we know that during this time, nordic skiing was not a matter of sport or of pleasure, but of pure survival. A must. Much has happened since that stone was first carved. But the legacy remains, it lives within us every day. The feeling of mastering the cold and icy winds of the winter landscape of the North, and the art of being comfortable in the uncomfortable. The difference is that today we can pursue and enjoy the short days and the harsh environment. We can seek it, we can long for it, and we can learn to love it. This is the legacy gifted to today’s Nordic skiers. Thank you for choosing BALINGSTA