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Our apparel is made to order. Thanks to an exclusive collaboration with micro-factory Textilmaskineriet we can present this totally unique way of producing apparel. This is how it works.


1. Take your measurements

2. Place order

3. Our micro-factory starts producing your apparel

4. Your product is ready in 5-7 days

5. The product is sent to you



The traditional manufacturing concept advocates reducing costs by building a large factory to achieve economies of scale and mass production; however, it needs an extensive and costly distribution network to make our products available to customers. A micro-factory, on the contrary, challenges this whole concept by setting up high-tech manufacturing units, within close proximity to customers. Another difference between these two models is the sales strategy. In the traditional manufacturing model, products are first manufactured in large quantities and then pushed to the market through various distribution channels, whereas, with the micro-factory concept, products are manufactured only after getting confirmed orders from the customer.

In short this means no mass production, no over-consumption, no stock and, no sales. We call it BALINGSTA custom Project. Our way of trying to fix one of the core problems within the industry.